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Very truly, I tell you, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate and had your fill. Do not work for the food that spoils, but the food that endures into eternal life.”
Jesus, John 6:26-27

Wise to resolve, patient to perform.


Out with the old and in with the. . .Resolutions! I recently saw a news segment on a study about resolutions and why they are so hard to keep. Seems the study noticed a few things about resolutions; the duration of the average resolution seems to only last about two weeks, and among the most obvious reasons for failure are too high expectations, unreasonable goals, and lack of long term vision because of the desire for short-term results. It seems that we have become committed to not just short-term success in living, but we expect the results of our intentions to materialize immediately. And when the results do not come, we give up and either repress the failure or blame something or someone else for the lack of progress.

Peace, patience and the long term vision are in short supply in our culture. I grew up in the stream of the boomer “me culture” and recognize that the world around us has changed so radically in just the 56 years I have walked this planet! The imagination of Star Trek type mobile communication devices is with us today in the cell phone. Computers dominate the landscape to the point that media and information are literally at our fingertips. We have become used to getting what we want and getting it pretty quickly. Accordingly, patience and long-term vision have become almost passé.

Spirituality suffers from the same malaise. We have traded the discipline of liturgy in worship and the guidance of scriptural study for “what I want to hear” or “give me the short answer please.” In worship it is “do I feel it?” or does it agree with my framework of whom God is? The failure in these realizations is that the center of life begins with the Me; I will define, I will decide value, I will ascribe importance. And, I expect results.

The problem is that all the best aspects of life are rarely immediate; they are nurtured, experienced and observed as well as defined and collected. The quiet moment watching the beauty of the world unfold; the growth as a child learns about the wonder of a big world, and in doing so meets a loving big God; working into success by working through failure, these are all means to uncovering the spiritual in life. Because spirituality is not results, it is expression.

This year we are committed to laying a foundation of spirituality that will forge disciples who are healthy in mind, body and spirit for the transformation of the world. Being dedicated to living like Jesus is the hardest task you will undertake, but the most important. Because in it you will not just know salvation, but you will live it. And it doesn’t come all at once by divine touch or memorizing a few bible verses. It requires patience, attention, and reflection. It definitely doesn’t require resolutions! But it will demand resolve. Let us resolve to be with the Lord and each other.
See you in worship,

Rev. Michael





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