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The HMS Titanic set sail on its maiden journey on April 10, 1912 with the reputation as an “unsinkable ship”. Built to the highest standards of the day, she was an impressive sight; over 50,000 tons, 800 feet long and ready to sail with over 2,000 passengers and  a crew. The many who gathered to see her off marveled at the initial embarking of the vessel, taking in a moment that was indeed historical. The rest of the Titanic’s short life is well chronicled; she hit an iceberg and eventually sank, taking more than 1,500 people with her to an icy grave. The element that sometimes is lost in the story, however, is that it wasn’t the top of the iceberg that doomed the Titanic, but whaticeberg happened below the waterline, that was initially unnoticed.  Seems the ship turned fast enough to miss the bulk of the berg above water, with only a few bumps and bruises above the water line. Below the ship, however, the unseen portion of the iceberg did the damage that would eventually cause her destruction.  Tearing through the tough steel, the ship received a mortal wound from that which lay below the surface, the unseen, the unknown.

Pete Scazerro is a pastor and teacher from New York who uses the image of an iceberg to describe the perils of living the spiritual life. He points out that Christians often attempt to build a spirituality on the foundation of the unseen parts of our soul; our emotions, our pride, our hurts and our misconceptions and in doing so, we sink ourselves. He puts it plainly: one cannot be spiritually healthy while being emotionally immature. Pete discovered that in his own life as well as the lives of his parishoners, the struggle of developing a sound faith in Jesus was constantly undermined by the brokenness of the human experience. This made the ministry unstable, the people frustrated, and burned out the leaders. So he developed a wonderful program that would give people a chance to reflect upon the matters of faith and in doing so become healthier in mind, body, and in spirit.
Beginning Friday, October 12, 2018 we will engage in Pete’s “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” program for 8 weeks. We will explore what it means to celebrate Christ in our lives, to address some of the subconscious as well as conscious struggles that weigh us down and become better attuned to the ways of the Lord. The cost for materials is $30 and each week we will gather for dinner (using Daniel Plan recipes!) and then spend time growing in our discipleship! Our gatherings will begin at 6:00 p.m. and I have room for 30 of us. 
Pete has put an amazing program together; it is not one that “condemns” but invites us to be connected with all of who we are. Together  we can see the changes that can be wrought with love and grace as our starting point!  Signups begin right now, so call the church office or use the sheet in the narthex on Sunday and let’s enjoy the power of the Holy Spirit as it changes us!
I hope you will join me, and together let’s deepen our hope in Christ!
 Rev. Michael 




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