daniel planSo, how has your 2018 started for you? I hope it has been wonderful! However, I think you are probably in the same frame of mind that I am in regarding the new year; the calendar may have turned over, but there are a few things I am still carrying from last year. Perhaps a few unmet goals, some relationships in need of attention or maybe some health issues which need to be addressed. I am with you! Lent is a great time to grab the bull by the horns and seek to improve our lives, our health and our faith. Beginning Saturday, February 3rd, I will be leading a wonderful program that aims to bring Faith, Food, Friends, Focus and Fitness into a new perspective. The Daniel Plan is a six week program developed to strengthen Christian believers in these 5 areas of living. The study will be 6 weeks of exploration and discovering that the Lord cares not just about our souls but our physical bodies as well. I hope you are ready to leave behind some burdens, some pounds and choose a healthy lifestyle!

The Daniel Plan Study is open to 25 people who are serious about living and giving all to Christ; there are a couple of expectations that must be met by those who join, otherwise the program won’t work.

1. The cost is 20$ for the book The Daniel Plan: 40 days to a Healthier Life. A couple can share the book, but it will be an important part of our study. We will be reading about 50 pages a week and the reading is mandatory.

2. Attendance is expected for the 6 weeks we meet during Lent. We will meet Friday nights at 6 pm; we will share a meal, study some Scripture and have a good time supporting each other!

3. This is a learning experience; accordingly our goals are not to simply be fed information, but rather to practice disciplines that will aid our health, our spirits and our faith. We will prepare meals, enjoy some fitness and accomplish goals in the best way possible; together!

Anne and I did the TDP last year and it was very exciting to watch the pounds melt away and the spirit grow stronger! I invite you to experience the same joy of knowing that as we eat better, pray more and enjoy life to its fullest, the wholeness we seek will be ours. Sign up today if you are ready for a challenge! This is a program built upon support and encouragement rather than shaming and criticism. So fear not, this will be a safe place! Come join me in seeking the best life has to offer, sign up for the Daniel Plan today!

Rev. Michael




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