Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program

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Mission Guidelines


Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church’s (SHUMC’s) Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program provides a helping hand to seniors, the sick, the physically challenged, or persons of limited income by providing a work force willing to complete tasks that are needed but will not likely be completed by the homeowner/organization on their own due to limited resources/capabilities.


SHUMC's Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program has completed the following community service projects in the short time that it has been in existence:


  • Repaired the pedestrian bridge located behind SHUMC.
  • Installed drapery rods and hung draperies for a senior homeowner.
  • Replaced a door/entryway for a disabled woman who could not access her home in her wheelchair due to the door width.
  • Washed windows for a senior homeowner.
  • Repaired a ceiling leak for a senior homeowner.
  • Filled in a hole with dirt, created by the removal of an old hot tub, for a senior homeowner.
  • Collected donated furniture, clothing and foodstuffs and delivered them to Short Creek Family Services in Colorado City, AZ, on several occasions.
  • Painted the storage container (the "Ark") located on the west side of the SHUMC education wing.
  • Cleaned/made safe a home, following a senior woman's rehab, due to a fall that she suffered in her home.
  • Assisted a homeowner with landscaping repairs following flooding in Dammeron Valley.
  • Painted the trim and deck on a house for a senior homeowner.
  • Replaced a non-operating ceiling fan for a senior homeowner.
  • Repaired and painted a dilapidated pergola for a senior homeowner.



We are hoping to expand our efforts in this area and to make our contributions truly community-wide. Do you know how to use a hammer and/or a saw? Do you know how to use a rake and/or shovel? Do you know how to wash windows? Or, do you know how to paint? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you too could be a huge asset to our team.


Do you have a minor building project or other job you need completed, but it is not likely to occur because you do not have the ability and/or resources? Do you meet our mission guidelines stated above? If the answers to these questions are yes, then please call upon SHUMC's Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program to help make things happen for you! We will be happy to evaluate your job and let you know if we can be of assistance.


If you are interested in joining our Neighbor-to Neighbor Program or have a job you want us to evaluate, please contact either Bob Moffitt (on 435-817-3400, or Neil Cole (on 925-708-3655,

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