Christianity celebrates a very special season called All Hallows Eve, or All Saints Day.  This is a time when we remember the spiritual bond that remains between those who have died and those of us who miss them so very much. As United Methodists, we remember and give thanks for the lives of the saints and set aside time to especially remember those who have ascended in the last year.

On Sunday, November 1, 2020 we will be celebrating the lives of these special souls with a very special All Saints’  Day worship at both gatherings. We will lift up the people who loved without condition, who taught with gentleness and compassion and those who served faithfully in the name of God and Country, just to name a few.  We will have the opportunity to light a candle in their honor and dedicate the morning to a life no longer with us but a bond which still remains. We hope you will plan to be with us and there is one thing we would like to have you share on this day.

During the worship, we will be reading the names of some of those in our congregation who have passed in the last year. We invite you to add someone you have lost in the past year to our remembrance list. Please let us know if your loved one served in the military and if so, which branch. We will be reading these names as a group and ask that you only include one for the sake of brevity.  Call (435-627-8638) or email the office (, share that name with us and we will try to include it on our list.

This will be a service of tears and hope, and we know that our hearts will be heavy but we will once again hear the message of eternal life as well. Come and let us remember the saints who have paved the way for our faith and the hope they have left behind so that we may always remember to celebrate each other.