Pinecliff Camp Retreat 2022

With COVID behind us, Pinecliff Camp & Retreat Center is now in full operation, with two Methodist Youth Camps already scheduled and reservations for family reunions and retreats by non-profit organizations is filling out the summer camping schedule.

 SHUMC’s Camping Retreat/Work Week at Pinecliff is scheduled for August 26 – September 2, 2022.  While one of the reasons for our retreat is to complete our Mission, to help the camp perform maintenance, it is not our main focus.  This is a time for experiencing God’s great creation and all the beauty that it provides while enjoying one another in the Christian fellowship that develops. Those of you who would like to attend but either cannot work or choose not to work are not obligated to do so.  Campers of all ages and all experience levels are welcome to attend!  Our last retreat at Pinecliff was almost three years ago.  This year is especially important in that we will assist in the construction of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Bathhouse, for which Pinecliff has received a $65,000.00 grant from the Association of United Methodist Camping & Retreat Ministries (UMCRM) in order to build it.  Those who attend can assist in various ways, including: work on the building itself and support of those who are working on the building.  All experience levels and abilities are welcome!

Accommodations at Pinecliff are rustic, including cabins with bunk beds and mattresses and a central bathhouse.  You will want to bring a sleeping bag and pillow with you.  Alternatively, there may be a few RV spaces available with water and electric hookups. A dump station is also provided. Cooking is normally done in the main kitchen area and dining in the main dining hall.  SHUMC Missions has provided monies available for the purchase of food for the main meals. Pinecliff is located at 4142 E Chalk Creek Rd, Coalville, UT 84017 (339 miles from Saint George, UT).  

All those who are interested in going should contact Bob Moffitt via the form below.

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For over 55 years Pinecliff Camp and Retreat Center has provided a safe, wholesome environment away from our noisy, scattered world, where people, especially our children, can have fun, learn and grow.