The Salvation Army Needs Our Help

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for us all, with government mandated shutdowns of the service industry, school closures, cancellation of sports and entertainment activities,  and even the closure of houses of worship due to Covid-19 concerns.

Throughout this time, the Salvation Army has kept its doors open.  In 2019, the local Outpost served over 3,400 individuals in our community by providing 5,100 daily bread items, 1,800 food boxes, 6,600 clothing items, and $7,700.00 in individualized services such as medical, optical, or dental care.  $19,000.00 was spent on providing transportation for the homeless, and over $6,000.00 was spent on emergency hotel vouchers.  In total, the local Salvation Army spent over $108,000.00 in assisting those in need in Washington County.  According to Lt. Saul Smoak, the data for 2020 has not been tabulated yet, but he estimates that the Covid crisis has resulted in at least a 50% increase in goods and services provided over this past year.

How can we help make a difference?

The Kettle Campaign

This year, due to social distancing and statewide mandates, the holiday Kettle Campaign will be significantly reduced.  A small red kettle has been placed in the Narthex at church, and this will provide us with the ability to make donations directly to our local outpost.  Any contributions will be put to good use—and greatly appreciated.  (Note:  If you are unable to attend church, but would like to donate via the kettle, please contact Gregg or Toni and we’ll bring the kettle to you during the week!)

Donate – Donations can also be made on line at

Be a Volunteer Bell Ringer

If you would like to volunteer for a two-hour shift as a Salvation Army bell ringer, please contact Gregg or Toni Freeman at through the form on our Volunteer Opportunities page.  We are looking at bell ringing the two Fridays following Thanksgiving (December 4th and 11th), but if enough people are interested, we may add additional days.  Please contact Gregg or Toni if you have any questions.

Help Count the Buckets

We will be helping Lts. Saul and Crystal Smoak with counting the red bucket donations weekday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m., from now through Christmas.  If you are interested in volunteering to help count, please contact Toni Freeman through the form on the Volunteer Oportunities page.

Many people experience God’s love only through the actions and example of Christian volunteers.  Thousands of our peers in Washington County are struggling with unemployment, poverty, and hunger during this holiday season.  Jesus said “If you love me, feed my sheep.”  We have an opportunity to feed his flock—both spiritually, and literally by helping them get back on their feet during these difficult times.

We are blessed—let’s do our best this season, and always, to be a blessing to others.