Ronald Reagan tells a great story of a youngster who reached the age for kindergarten. His mother began to prepare him for the school experience, buying him new clothes, telling him about all the projects he would do, the other children he would meet and managed to get the young man excited about this new opportunity. He eagerly went off to his first day, and later returned with some very exciting reports of how wonderful the school experience was. The next morning his mom wandered in and said “Honey, time to get up!”. With ruffled hair and through bleary eyes he sat up and proclaimed, “why?”. You have to go to school!” she replied. He rubbed his eyes and said “what, again?!”

Jesus placed a great premium on the adventure of learning. In fact, as we look at the scriptures, even those who didn’t particularly care for him would grudgingly call him Rabbi, or teacher. There is one very important trait shared by true disciples; they long, they hunger to learn more about God, more about Jesus and how to follow as a people who are equipped to serve and care as Christ cares. Initially the followers of Jesus were known as the ones who follow the WAY. Learning is foundational for believers; in order to make sense of who we are as a ministry, we must understand matters which are not easily condensed into a bumper sticker of a cute slogan. Faith is not the absence of wisdom or knowledge; it is the application of reason and experience culminating in transcending the limitations often imposed by “what we can know”.  In order to better know God, we need some info, we need some history, we need some scripture… and in order to do God’s will, to hear God’s voice and to uncover our purpose in God’s dreams of tomorrow we have to be able to learn, to discuss, to grow.

With this in mind and with a few reflections of SHUMC’s present, we will be looking some great opportunities for the summer and fall.. Our aim is to offer teaching experiences and opportunities that quicken our spirits, unearth questions and give us a chance to deepen our own personal relationship with God and with God’s community of grace. Pray for us in these days, for the community of faith is never a static or unchanging entity! We look forward to coming face to face with the future, and in all ways continuing on the path which leads us closer to Christ!

See you in worship,

Rev. Michael