During our last Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project, the homeowner (an SHUMC member) asked Bob M. to evaluate a soft/squishy spot on her porch deck. After a little investigation Bob discovered that at least one floor joist and several uprights needed replacing.

He called Greg F. and they together completed the work. They worked on Thursday & Friday September 4 & 5, 2020 and completed the job today (9/8/2020). This project included the removal and replacement the one rotten 2″x6″ floor joist and several 2″x4″ uprights as needed, and removal and replacement of the exterior vinyl skirting. The project cost $152.84, of which the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program will be requested to cover.

A total of 32 volunteer hours were expended and a total of 57 miles were driven in the completion of this project. Thankyou Bob and Greg for a job well done!