Knowing Christ and making Him known, serving Christ by serving others.

Links to podcasts for the week of November 15-21

Theme – GRACE, Psalm 46:1-7

Prayers for the week of November 9-13

“Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.”

I Thessalonians 5:16b-18

“Prayer is not designed to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one that prays.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Paul’s encouragement to pray without ceasing encourages us to see God’s providing, grace filled and guiding hand in every single moment of the day. Look to the Lord when you are feeling the pressures of the world, look to the Lord when you need a moment of clarity; cast your cares upon the Lord for he cares for you is the way that I Peter 5 puts it!!

We have come to the time of our faith year that we are envisioning what our ministry will look like in 2021. It has been a very difficult year for the whole process of ministry; COVID turned our world upside down and drove us into many new forms of doing ministry. We have moved online with messages and Bible Studies, our contact has been limited by regulations and our reach shortened in order to keep safety as a priority. And yet faithful has been the watchword; the saints of SHUMC have been lifting us up in all the right ways!

The coming year beckons us, and it is with courage and faith that we look into the uncertainty of 2021. How are we to be staffed? What places are we going to find resources to reach out in Christ’s name? It is time to pray dear ones!

This week I will be saying extra prayers for the ministry of SHUMC. I will be calling forth the gratitude for the work being done, ask the Lord for guidance and peace, and most certainly that the Lord will open the blessings of heaven to help us in bringing the joy of ministry to St George.

I am hoping you will unite with me in prayer each day this week, with these words of encouragement below, as we look to the future. May we pray without ceasing for our work together! May we see the opportunities our ministry is providing to help God’s kingdom come! Let us pause and ponder the works of life and goodness that surround us. Selah!

Rev. Michael

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November 9th

November 10th

November 11th

November 12th

November 13th

November Focus – A Moment of “Selah”

November 1-7

As followers of Jesus Christ, we strive to follow his example: healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and advocating for the poor and marginalized. Jesus also gave us an example of how to take care of our mind, body and spirit. He took long walks with friends, he immersed himself in Scripture and prayer, and when things got too hectic, he withdrew to a quiet place and cared for his soul. It is important to pause, ponder and give thanks in a moment of “Selah.”

Our focus team for November is Finance.

We want you to remember that gifts are not only monitary or tangible, the gift of your time, prayers and talents are priceless.