You may have noticed some changes in your worship experiences over the last year and a half at SHUMC. Some subtle and perhaps some not so subtle. It is our hope that if you have noticed any changes, they have been ones that have enhanced your worship experience to provide more hope, more joy, and to expand your faith in Jesus Christ. And, to reach out in order to bring more disciples to Him.

In February of 2018, SHUMC partnered with a mentor church, Desert Springs UMC in Las Vegas, to rethink our culture as a church as well as our worship services. To get back to our basic core, if you will. The initial group of folks from SHUMC signed a covenant that they would participate in a two year program to listen, study, and learn what it takes to bring their church to a point in which it is even more viable in our community.

Passionate Worship and Radical Hospitality are two of the five areas we have studied so far. As a result, I hope you will agree that a church that has always been known for its friendliness has come to a new level. And a church with one of the most passionate Pastors, Michael Chamness, around has added an associate Pastor, Tim Pieper, and together they are taking it above and beyond.

The team meets on the first and third Thursdays every month at 7 p.m. to discuss our assignments and our progress. Please pray for your revitalization team as they move forward. Our work is only beginning…