On April 28th and again on May 5, 2019, SHUMC took a special offering for Pinecliff Camp and Retreat Center. That offering was designated to defray the cost of planting trees at Pinecliff. We collected $1,315.00 towards that effort. Your generous donations exceeded our initial expectations and the cost of planting the trees by several hundred dollars. The excess has been applied towards buying a Golf/Utility Cart for Pinecliff, which will assist the camp caretaker in the performance of his duties and allow those campers who are less ambulatory to become more mobile and enjoy the camp more. We thank all those who donated to this cause and for their extreme generosity.

On May 9th through May 15, 2019, SHUMC planted thirty-three trees (31 Quaking Aspen and 2 Colorado Blue Spruce) at Pinecliff, installed deer block protection around them and a drip irrigation system to water them. This was a long and arduous project; however, the trees will add much beauty and provide needed shade to the RV Park Area at Pinecliff. We want to thank those dedicated individuals who worked on this project.