At a recent Congregational Revitalization meeting, the team was asked “What are the strengths of SHUMC?” The following is a recap of the team members’ answers:

  • Pastors and congregation are great at meeting and greeting new faces in worship.
  • Our outreach programs-soup kitchen, Utah food Bank, Switchpoint, etc.
  • Connect Groups (although we need to publicize what they are all about)
  • Men and Women’s bible studies
  • Youth activities
  • Veteran’s Home worship service
  • Pastoral home and hospital visits
  • Social Media – Newly revamped website with calendar events being posted further in advance, Facebook page
  • Recording and making worship services available online
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Mailing newsletters to shut-ins and having colored newsletter available
  • Holiday Bazaar (formerly known as Candy Cane Bazaar)

Some of these programs have been in existence for a while, however, the group feels that they have improved and risen to a new level. Others are new and have added to the effectiveness of the purpose of SHUMC. I have to add that these are the items that were brainstormed in the short time we had for our meeting and if you feel we have omitted anything, please let us know.

What do you think SHUMC does well?

Worship attendance is up for the year-even through the summer months. Fall is upon us and our teams are meeting again after a summer break. Snowbirds are returning and the voltage from the electricity in the air is cranking up. Exciting times are ahead…..please join us as we move through this journey with God.