Don’t Play the Blame Game – Rev. Michael’s Musings

“The one who blames others has a long way to go on their journey.
The one who blames themselves is half way there. The one who blames no one has arrived.
—Chinese Proverb

One thing about being young and having siblings is the joy of pointing our finger at them when something goes wrong! “Who made this mess?” my mom would ask my brother and me. Both of us would our quickly point our fingers at the other in the hope of passing off the responsibility. It didn’t work to often; usually mom had a pretty good idea of where it came from and who was responsible.

It is interesting that this tendency to point the finger is often not only meant to avoid accountability but also to distract. And when the finger is pointed in another direction too often, we might get the idea that all our problems are caused by others. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this; “The only common feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you.” Jesus is indeed right. Even though our fingers may point at others, the reality is we are the authors of all of our dissatisfactions and unrealized expectations. And too often we allow our unhealthiness to keep us looking in all the wrong places for solutions to our troubles, but in pointing the finger we neglect the actual prescription; examine our hearts.

Lent is upon us, the season of examining our hearts. In our worship we will be g at some of the soul struggles that keep us emotionally immature and, and, accordingly clouds our relationship with God and each other. Let’s own what is truly troubling the waters of our spirt: our broken hearts, our self centered souls, and out thoughtless words and deed. Let us ask Christ to illumine our souls and gracefully smooth our personality’s edges. Join us as we work on the heart so that it may not just know Jesus, but that we may love like Jesus as well. Let our fingers point in only one direction, to the source of healing, mercy, and salvation.

See you in worship!
Rev, Michael