Volunteer Opportunities

Help the Salvation Army

Be a Bell Ringer – Help to raise funds to support The Salvation Army services and programs throughout the year.

Donate – stgeorge.salvationarmy.org

Count the Buckets – count the red bucket donations weekday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m.

Please volunteer now!

I can do a shift

14 + 8 =

Switchpoint Community Resource

Volunteers needed on the third Thursday of each month.

I can help at Switchpoint

9 + 4 =

More information on their website:
Switchpoint Community Resource

Community Soup Kitchen

Volunteers needed once a month on the last Friday of each month.

I can help with the Community Soup Kitchen

1 + 10 =

More information on the website:
Community Soup Kitchen

Media Technician

Volunteers needed 2-4 hours on Sunday mornings, and 1 hour Tuesday nights. We can work with you  even if only one/two sessions per month.

I want to be a media tech.

13 + 7 =

We will send more information upon request.

Dustmop Disciples

Temporary help cleaning around the campus, Friday mornings from 9 to noon. All help appreciated even if only an hour fits into your schedule.

I can help on occasion around the campus

15 + 6 =