Volunteer Opportunities

Media Tech Wanted

A self starting individual who is looking to learn all aspects of live and prerecorded media production. Learn how to livestream, operate multiple remote control video cameras, audio mixing, and production programs.

This position is in a church environment and the person or persons must be available on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings. Visual content production can be done at home on your PC or Mac between Tuesday and Sunday.

There is no compensation at this time, however, it is great opportunity to learn the techniques as well as troubleshoot our media system. Learn how to be a media producer from start to finish or anything in between.

Volunteers needed 2-4 hours on Sunday mornings, and 1 hour Tuesday nights. We can work with you  even if only one/two sessions per month.

We will send more information upon request.

I want to be a media tech.

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Switchpoint Community Resource

Volunteers needed on the third Thursday of each month.

I can help at Switchpoint

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More information on their website:
Switchpoint Community Resource

Dustmop Disciples

Temporary help cleaning around the campus, Friday mornings from 9 to noon. All help appreciated even if only an hour fits into your schedule.

I can help on occasion around the campus

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