Some news and announcements for the week of June 6-12

Worship services are NOT open yet. Please read Rev. Michaels article. Link below.

Update on Reopening Worship Services  — by Rev. Michael
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Basic Facts About COVID-19by Greg Fischer
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News From the Media Booth - And Request for Volunteers

We hope you have been enjoying your SHUMC worship experiences, whether you are out camping, visiting family, or at home in your jammies. It has been a challenge learning how to stream and obtaining the right equipment to make it all happen. With all of the trial and error, our hopes are that you will agree we have come a long way. Our goal is to bring you as good of an experience as we can with the expertise and budget that we have.

With that said, we need someone that is willing to learn how to build the weekly services in our ProPresenter software program. This is actually the easiest part of the production, as it is done behind the scenes when the room is quiet and unoccupied. ProPresenter is similar to Microsoft’s Power Point and Apple’s Keynote programs but has a library for the hymns and songs we sing as well as scripture from three different bibles. It is mostly a drag and drop process. I picked it up in a couple of weeks but need to be absent for three to four weeks in the very near future. We have other folks that know how to do it, but are not able to participate at this time. If you or you know of someone who would like to learn this segment of the media experience and answer a calling, please let me know. Your time and talent is needed to help further the ministry of SHUMC. Until we meet again (soon, I hope and pray).

God Bless,
Steve Fassler

Use the contact form on the website to send an email for more information or to have Steve give you a call back.

From the Administrative Council

I hope you are fairing well during this crazy time. It has been a long time since we have been able to get together and our hopes and prayers are that we will soon be able to gather again. Please know that your clergy and staff are heavily burdened in trying to figure this all out. We met today at our staff meeting and we are hoping to have a plan put together so that we can resume some type of in person worship by the end of June or the first Sunday in July. Before that can happen, the plan will need to be approved by your SHUMC Administrative Council and sent in to the conference for their approval.

The plan will include sanitation protocols as well as new guidelines for ushers and greeters. How do we do Communion? How do we handle the offerings? All of these details that we have done in the past will need to be rethought in order to comply with the new government guidelines. It will take many additional servant volunteers to step forward so we can implement these plans and move forward with our in-person worship times. If you are interested in being a part of this new frontier, please give the office a call or email and let them know. In the mean time, and even after we return in in-person services, please continue to join us every Sunday morning for the live-stream. Theses streams are also archived on our YouTube channel for viewing at a later date.

God Bless and stay safe ,
Steve Fassler
SHUMC Administrative Council Chair

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