Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

Oberammergau Passion Play 2022

The Oberammergau Passion Play was rescheduled from 2020 to 2022 when the pandemic hit Germany, so EO Tours has now likewise rescheduled our group tour for the same itinerary and comparable dates.  The brochure information for the new tour is below, in addition brochures are in the narthex.

People in our group who did not cancel their tour registrations & request refunds when the 2020 event was cancelled have automatically been registered for the new date.  Anyone who did cancel for 2020 but still wants to go will need to register again.

For additional info, or to register online to travel with SHUMC’s group, go to:  http://www.eo.travelwithus.com/find-a-trip#eotours
Click the “Know Your Tour Info?” button
Then enter the following info:

  • Tour:  PR22
  • Date:  08/24/22
  • Code: P
  • ID#  28312

Send Anne an email for more information.

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Short video about the play.

Ash Wednesday 2021

Ash Wednesday 2021

Season of Lent

The Season of Lent approaches, and with it an opportunity to reflect on the state of our soul and how the Lord can help us become more like Jesus. Although COVID’s impact is diminishing in Southern Utah, there is still reason to maintain a spirit of caution for a little while longer. Our Ash Wednesday worship will reflect our commitment to the worship experience and safety as such.

I will be posting a video devotion on Tuesday about the need for Lent and some encouragement as we enter the season. I am hoping that everyone will catch the video and then come to our Imposition Gatherings at noon and 6 pm. There will be no liturgy; simply an opportunity to come, spend a few quite moments in prayer, light a candle and receive the imposition of ashes. Once you have received your ashes, head out the side door of the sanctuary and begin your Lenten discipline.

So, to recount our process…..

  • Watch the video devotion.
  • For all who would like to have ashes imposed, come to the church at noon or 6 pm.
  • Spend a few moments in prayer, for the church, for your loved ones, for our leaders, for yourself.
  • Come forward, light a candle to remember that Jesus is the Lord of both life and death.
  • Receive the imposition of ashes and head out to begin your Lenten experience.

Join us next Wednesday, February 17th and together we will receive the vivid reminder of our need to rely upon God completely for all we need, and in all we do.

Angel Tree 2020

Angel Tree 2020

It’s time to serve Angel Tree children for Christmas. Please join us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, helping incarcerated parents connect with their children this Christmas. Gifts shared through Angel Tree lead to improved relationships between incarcerated parents and their children. And the joy that results when children wake up on Christmas to see that their mom or dad in prison has not forgotten them is simply priceless. Since prison visits have been prohibited for more than six months, this Christmas it is more important than ever to keep families connected through Angel Tree.

The Angel Tree is set up in the sanctuary and ready for name cards to be picked, or, call the Church Office for help. If you choose one over the phone, you can pick up your Angel Card from the office later (call to ensure the office is open when you plan to come in 435-627-8638). Gifts need to be purchased, wrapped and at the church by Sunday, December 6. Church Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am until Noon.

If you attend the Sunday services, you may choose an angel gift card from the tree. (Please sign your name to the lists provided, so if we are missing a present to deliver, we’ll know who to contact.) If you prefer to be home at this time, you may call the church office and Sandi will check the lists for you and let you know which angels are still on the tree. You may also email using the contact form here.

If going out to buy a gift is not something you would like to do this year, consider making a donation and we will make sure all the kids are provided with gifts.

You may buy a gift or provide a gift card. Most all the families have more than one child and we ask that you only spend $20 – $25 per gift to make sure no one feels left out. The cards on the tree provide the child’s first name, gender, age and the desired gift the parent would like to give.