July 2022 – As we move through a busy summer, we reflect on our service to the community for July. We provided 66 hours of service by 26 individuals for the Utah Food Bank, two Switchpoint dinners and the Soup Kitchen.

The SHUMC Mission team distributed food to 102 families which totals 437 individuals at the Food Distribution. The team also prepared and served approximately 220 meals for the Switchpoint dinners and the Soup Kitchen. In addition we had numerous volunteers serve at the Fuel Your Summer which is a lunch program for the youth sponsored by the Utah Food Bank at Sandtown Park. Thanks to all who served as the hands and feet of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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April 2022 – A successful month for our mission projects here in Washington County. We had 30 servants provide 68 hours of service to God’s children here in our community. The Mission team assisted in providing food distribution to 113 families at the Utah Food Bank, prepared and served 68 dinners to the residents at the Switchpoint Shelter and prepared and served 122 lunches at the Soup Kitchen. A huge thanks to all who served. SHUMC maybe a small Church but we have a strong desire to love and serve our neighbors.

March 2022 – Several weeks ago, in Pastor Buddy’s sermon, he discussed our calling. Specifically he discussed the call to witness through our time, talents, gifts, prayers and service. A huge thanks to the 24 Disciples that answered the call to witness through service in March. This group provided 68 hours of service. Those less fortunate in Washington County appreciate your efforts.

February 2022 – Our community mission projects or taking the Church outside the walls was another busy month in February.  We had 30 Disciples providing 78 hours of service to those in need in Washington County.  A huge thank you for all that served.  We provided 187 families with food at the Utah Food Bank Distribution, over 60 meals were served at the Switchpoint Dinner and another 80 meals at the Soup Kitchen.  This month we have these same three servant opportunities.

January 2022 was another busy month with our three community service projects.  Due to some sickness, we faced a few trials but came through fine.  Its great that we have a congregation that can react so quickly to pick each other up when sickness arises.  For January we had 26 Disciples serve our community with 68 hours of service. 

We distributed food to 96 families at the Utah Food Bank, prepared and served 60 meals at the Switchpoint dinner and prepared and served 125 lunches at the Soup Kitchen. A huge thanks to all for moving the Church outside our walls into the community.