Switchpoint, Soup Kitchen and Food Distribution 2022

July 2022 – As we move through a busy summer, we reflect on our service to the community for July. We provided 66 hours of service by 26 individuals for the Utah Food Bank, two Switchpoint dinners and the Soup Kitchen.

The SHUMC Mission team distributed food to 102 families which totals 437 individuals at the Food Distribution. The team also prepared and served approximately 220 meals for the Switchpoint dinners and the Soup Kitchen. In addition we had numerous volunteers serve at the Fuel Your Summer which is a lunch program for the youth sponsored by the Utah Food Bank at Sandtown Park. Thanks to all who served as the hands and feet of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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April 2022 – A successful month for our mission projects here in Washington County. We had 30 servants provide 68 hours of service to God’s children here in our community. The Mission team assisted in providing food distribution to 113 families at the Utah Food Bank, prepared and served 68 dinners to the residents at the Switchpoint Shelter and prepared and served 122 lunches at the Soup Kitchen. A huge thanks to all who served. SHUMC maybe a small Church but we have a strong desire to love and serve our neighbors.

March 2022 – Several weeks ago, in Pastor Buddy’s sermon, he discussed our calling. Specifically he discussed the call to witness through our time, talents, gifts, prayers and service. A huge thanks to the 24 Disciples that answered the call to witness through service in March. This group provided 68 hours of service. Those less fortunate in Washington County appreciate your efforts.

February 2022 – Our community mission projects or taking the Church outside the walls was another busy month in February.  We had 30 Disciples providing 78 hours of service to those in need in Washington County.  A huge thank you for all that served.  We provided 187 families with food at the Utah Food Bank Distribution, over 60 meals were served at the Switchpoint Dinner and another 80 meals at the Soup Kitchen.  This month we have these same three servant opportunities.

January 2022 was another busy month with our three community service projects.  Due to some sickness, we faced a few trials but came through fine.  Its great that we have a congregation that can react so quickly to pick each other up when sickness arises.  For January we had 26 Disciples serve our community with 68 hours of service. 

We distributed food to 96 families at the Utah Food Bank, prepared and served 60 meals at the Switchpoint dinner and prepared and served 125 lunches at the Soup Kitchen. A huge thanks to all for moving the Church outside our walls into the community.  

Help the Salvation Army 2020

Help the Salvation Army 2020

The Salvation Army Needs Our Help

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for us all, with government mandated shutdowns of the service industry, school closures, cancellation of sports and entertainment activities,  and even the closure of houses of worship due to Covid-19 concerns.

Throughout this time, the Salvation Army has kept its doors open.  In 2019, the local Outpost served over 3,400 individuals in our community by providing 5,100 daily bread items, 1,800 food boxes, 6,600 clothing items, and $7,700.00 in individualized services such as medical, optical, or dental care.  $19,000.00 was spent on providing transportation for the homeless, and over $6,000.00 was spent on emergency hotel vouchers.  In total, the local Salvation Army spent over $108,000.00 in assisting those in need in Washington County.  According to Lt. Saul Smoak, the data for 2020 has not been tabulated yet, but he estimates that the Covid crisis has resulted in at least a 50% increase in goods and services provided over this past year.

How can we help make a difference?

The Kettle Campaign

This year, due to social distancing and statewide mandates, the holiday Kettle Campaign will be significantly reduced.  A small red kettle has been placed in the Narthex at church, and this will provide us with the ability to make donations directly to our local outpost.  Any contributions will be put to good use—and greatly appreciated.  (Note:  If you are unable to attend church, but would like to donate via the kettle, please contact Gregg or Toni and we’ll bring the kettle to you during the week!)

Donate – Donations can also be made on line at https://stgeorge.salvationarmy.org.

Be a Volunteer Bell Ringer

If you would like to volunteer for a two-hour shift as a Salvation Army bell ringer, please contact Gregg or Toni Freeman at through the form on our Volunteer Opportunities page.  We are looking at bell ringing the two Fridays following Thanksgiving (December 4th and 11th), but if enough people are interested, we may add additional days.  Please contact Gregg or Toni if you have any questions.

Help Count the Buckets

We will be helping Lts. Saul and Crystal Smoak with counting the red bucket donations weekday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m., from now through Christmas.  If you are interested in volunteering to help count, please contact Toni Freeman through the form on the Volunteer Oportunities page.

Many people experience God’s love only through the actions and example of Christian volunteers.  Thousands of our peers in Washington County are struggling with unemployment, poverty, and hunger during this holiday season.  Jesus said “If you love me, feed my sheep.”  We have an opportunity to feed his flock—both spiritually, and literally by helping them get back on their feet during these difficult times.

We are blessed—let’s do our best this season, and always, to be a blessing to others.

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry

Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry

United Methodist Women and the Missions Team are working together on Operation Christmas Child, often called The Shoebox Ministry, which is organized by Franklin Graham’s charity, Samaritan’s Purse. They distribute shoeboxes filled with small gifts for children all over the world who are affected by poverty, disease, war, and natural disasters.  Besides delighting the children, the boxes often open the door for the children and their families to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Here’s what you would do to participate:

  • Pick up a preprinted shoebox after Worship on October  11th or 18th, or in the office (M-W-F mornings)
  • Decide what gender and age your box will be for (Girl or Boy, Age 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14)*
  • Read the instructions and suggested gift lists that are included in each box
  • Fill the box with small gifts (plus a personal note and your photo, if desired)
  • Write the gender and age on a sticky note on the top of your box
  • Return it to the Narthex or office no later than November 16th
    * You are welcome to take a dress or wooden car for your box, until our supplies run out

And here’s what we’ll do:

  • Provide boxes, dresses, and wooden cars
  • Attach the official Operation Christmas Child labels
  • Hold the boxes closed with large rubber bands
  • Pay the requested $9.00 per box shipping fee
  • Deliver the boxes to the local drop-off location

Additional note:  If you prefer to donate cash for this project, we will be happy to do the shopping for you.  If you provide a personal note and a photo, we will include it in your box. 

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for Kids

Backpacks for Kids Fundraiser

Each year our goal is to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to disadvantaged children. Our needs are growing annually, to over 800 packs. We project that 1000 packs will be needed in the near future. Donations and volunteers are welcomed.

One of the ways Backpacks for Kids raise funds is by raffling off baskets filled with goodies and a silent auction for higher ticket items at our fundraiser dinner.

We request donations for these baskets and silent auction items. Adult baskets have included, soaps, candy, wine, wine glasses, items for a date night at home or a home meal, movie tickets, popcorn, gift cards or certificates to restaurants, hiking or biking accessories, jewelry, decorative vases, massages, car washes, pedicures/manicures, and of course we need empty wicker baskets to put these all in. Children’s baskets have included, crayons, coloring books, stuffed toys, puzzles.

Silent auction items have included, helicopter rides, tickets to Kayenta, leather jackets and lamps. We appreciate your continued support.