Neighbor-to-Neighbor 2022

August 2022

This last Thursday (8/18/2022) we completed our latest Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project. We assisted Pastors Derek and Joyce move into their new home. The cost of the project was $0.00. A total of 36 volunteer hours were expended and 293.5 miles were driven in the completion of this project. Thank you for a job well done!

Update from 2021 – We completed our last project of 2021 on December 20th.  We blew the leaves off of a member’s trailer roof.  We spent a total of 0.5 man-hours and drove ~20 miles in the completion of this project. Thank you for a job well done!

N2N – May 2021

N2N – May 2021

Neighbor-to-Neighbor projects in May included the scraping, sanding and painting of the soffits and trim on a double wide trailer and shed located in Hurricane, Utah. The team worked two days on this project in 90+ degree heat. The total cost of the project was $87.95, which one of the volunteers paid for. A total of 31 volunteer hours were expended and 167.2 miles were driven in the completion of this project. Les, Jon, Bob, and Tom & LeAnn did the worked on this project.

Another project was weed wacking and general yard clean-up for a couple located in Hurricane, UT. The couple was referred to us by the Five County AOG. The project cost a total of $0.00. A total of 2.5 volunteer hours were expended and 44 miles were driven in the completion of this project. Bob M. did the work.

Thank you all for a jobs well done!

N2N – April 2021

N2N – April 2021

We completed several projects – our latest Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project, which included yard work (raking leaves, general winter clean up, and placing decorative mulch) for a couple located in Central, UT. 

The project cost a total of $60.00 which the homeowner paid for.  A total of 12 volunteer hours were expended and 212 miles were driven in the completion of this project.  Keith & Helen, Les, Butch, and Kim all worked on the project. Thank all of you for a job well done!

Neighbor-to-Neighbor 2020 Report

SHUMC’s Neighbor-to Neighbor (N2N) Program provides a helping hand to seniors, the sick, the physically challenged, or persons of limited income by providing a work force willing to complete tasks that are needed but are not likely to be completed by the person seeking assistance due to limited resources and/or capabilities.

During this past year, we completed 31 different projects; sixteen (16) of which were for SHUMC members, 12 for non-SHUMC members, and 3 for the church itself. The level of effort on each project ranged from a few hours spent by a single team member to several days’ work completed by multiple team members. Our more significant projects included: (1) the building of two (2) wheelchair access ramps for handicapped individuals; (2) the remodeling of a bathroom for a handicapped individual such that he can gain access to his toilet, and (3) the deep cleaning of the community soup kitchen located at Switch Point. A total of 595 volunteer hours were expended, and 2,963 miles were driven in the completion of these projects. N2N Program donated a total of $205.74 for materials for those homeowners who could not afford to pay for them. 


This year our Facebook page ( went public, and we currently have 31 members and/or followers. Due to the COVID crisis, we included a form on our website ( to request volunteers to perform various errands, such as pick-up and delivery of groceries and/or pharmaceuticals to shut-ins. Plans in 2021 include establishing a phone number and a text message system to funnel requests for our support to a central spread sheet which we continually monitor.

We continued to expand our program community wide by including members from other churches (New Promise Lutheran Church) who attended our meetings and participated in our projects. We collaborated with community healthcare professionals and social workers who provided us with referrals. We also collaborated with local retailers who provided materials for our projects at discounted prices. We will continue to expand and develop our capabilities to maximized the positive impact of our services on the community.

2020 was a very busy year for the N2N Program. By contributing their time, talent, and treasures, N2N volunteers continued to bring Christian love and service to those in need in our local community.

Neighbor to Neighbor September

Neighbor to Neighbor September

During our last Neighbor-to-Neighbor Project, the homeowner (an SHUMC member) asked Bob M. to evaluate a soft/squishy spot on her porch deck. After a little investigation Bob discovered that at least one floor joist and several uprights needed replacing.

He called Greg F. and they together completed the work. They worked on Thursday & Friday September 4 & 5, 2020 and completed the job today (9/8/2020). This project included the removal and replacement the one rotten 2″x6″ floor joist and several 2″x4″ uprights as needed, and removal and replacement of the exterior vinyl skirting. The project cost $152.84, of which the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program will be requested to cover.

A total of 32 volunteer hours were expended and a total of 57 miles were driven in the completion of this project. Thankyou Bob and Greg for a job well done!

May Project from Neighbor-to-Neighbor

May Project from Neighbor-to-Neighbor

Our latest Neighbor-to-Neighbor project was completed over the past four days. We built a wheelchair access ramp for a disabled woman who is receiving a wheelchair for the first time.

This was the largest job that we have completed to date. We spent 120 volunteer man-hours working this job, drove 386.2 miles while on the job, and spent $1,048.52 for materials which the homeowner has agreed to pay for.

Thanks to all for a job well done!